Europa League

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The Europa League is an international football tournament in which European football teams participate.

The predecessors of the tournament are the Fair Cities Cup, the Cup Winners’ Cup, the Intertoto tournament and the UEFA Cup. The Europa League will consider the second most prestigious European club football tournament after the Champions League.

The first tournament for the Fair Cities Cup from 1955 to 1958. Teams from cities with trade fairs had the right to take part in it. Cities with more than one football team had the right to either choose their representative or participate with a representative team (such as London XI). The second tournament is from 1958 to 1960. From then until 1971, the tournament is once a year.

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Over time, more and more club teams and fewer representative teams take part. Around the mid-1960s, only club teams could take part in the tournament, most often second-place finishers in local championships. However, the rule for the participation of only one team from each European city still applies.

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The connection with the fair cities in 1971, when the tournament over by UEFA and renamed the UEFA Cup. Tottenham Hotspur is the first club to win the new cup. The rule for the participation of one team from each city is in 1975. After the teams of Everton and Liverpool managed to win the right to participate. Everton have filed a complaint with UEFA against his ban on participation, which also repeals the rule.

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