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True, sometimes bad luck play a role in our losses. But in most cases, what needs attention (and correction) is our game or psychology. If not carefully analyze the losses we are doomed to repeat them.

To neutralize this problem, here’s a simple exercise by Dr. Kardnar in three steps, which can change their poker development.
1. Keep a poker diary

Get used to keep a poker remarks, noting not only results, but also three other types of information.

1. Describe in detail lost hands. Include all relevant details (stack sizes, position, and other actions). The more details you add, the better.

2. Analyze each hand for opportunities for improvement and record what should change. Do you perceive to form any patterns? Is there a particular error that you have a tendency to do? Ask yourself these questions and note the answers.

3. Record the specific actions to be carried out to make changes to their way of thinking, feelings and behavior. This may be the hardest part of the exercise, but efforts for improvement can be very rewarding.

The purpose of this exercise is to them face to face with your weaknesses. Your focus should be on what you do in the coming sessions, in order to improve your game based on lessons learned from the analysis of previous sessions.

2. Set your action-oriented goals in each session

Before each new poker session open the diary to review notes after the previous.

Using these notes, ask your action-oriented goals for the upcoming session – something specific on which we can focus while playing. This will decrease significantly the likelihood of recurrence of past mistakes or bad habits.
3. Imagining act towards fulfillment of its purpose

Finally, just before you start playing, set aside a few minutes for the “entry zone” and consider what you going to do in the first hands that will participate. Sit in a comfortable position, then repeatedly inhale and exhale slowly. After focusing imagine clearly how implementing actions towards the goal.


For example, if your goal is to play fewer hands, imagine how patiently wait for good starting hands. Feel the rush of satisfaction that comes from that fulfill their purpose. Setting aside time to imagine how successfully accomplish their goals increases your confidence, which improves performance.

Never nice to lose, but the moments of loss can become a useful tool. If, spending time to look through the game, you will probably find many things that you can upgrade. Imagine how much your game – and probably your attitude – will change if you start to perform this simple exercise in three steps.


Strategies at roulette:
Roulette casino attracts players for nearly 300 years. Roulette is one of the most famous and interesting gaming and since its inception, players are trying to find ways to win and defeat the roulette wheel by different systems and strategies for playing roulette.

The main objective of any strategy for roulette is to reduce the casino advantage to the player and turn of fortune in a less important factor in the game. In all these 300 years, many people have developed different strategies Roulette – some of them have been effective and have gained popularity, while others have not worked. Overall, the best strategies for playing roulette reduce the casino advantage to the player and with any luck they can show good results and therefore earn you money.

The aim of our online guide for casino strategies is to bring together the best and most popular strategies for playing roulette in one place, so as to facilitate any player who wants to learn how to play, bet and win at roulette. All strategies that you will find in give very good results if used properly (exactly in the way described by us).

The most popular strategy game of roulette is called system bets Martingale, developed in the 18th century. Under ideal circumstances, ie without restriction to the stakes and unlimited funds, the roulette wheel can be overcome by using this strategy. Many casino players use this strategy roulette or its amended version, and increase your chances of winning if you use it properly – profits are not great, but good.


Another strategy roulette, which can be found on our website and gives excellent results, our advanced strategy game of roulette. It is suitable for experienced players of roulette and with a little luck you can win a lot of money with its aid.

Do not forget to visit our systems roulette where we review some of our profitable and efficient systems roulette that we have developed for you so that you can win and have fun in the casinos.

You can test our strategies roulette for free at online casinos or great bonuses no deposit or play with virtual cash balance and you will see how effective and profitable can be.

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